Day 1!

So bags are finally packed, we officially have no keys – for anything – which is a strangely peculiar feeling!

Hugely grateful to fabulous friends for feeding us and putting a roof over our heads for the last few days. We have a lunch date in Leeds and then we’re hopping on the train to London this afternoon.
It’s both liberating and terrifying to have everything you might need for the next six months in one bag…let’s see whether the shoe packing strategy worked…more to follow I’m sure!
So for now it’s bye bye Leeds…hasta luego…


2 thoughts on “Day 1!”

  1. That's a fine looking jacket 😉 hope your flight to Brazil isn't too fatiguing and all the best on your travels. I've recently found out that I'll be moving to New Zealand in January so it looks like I'll be going through all the frantic planning/buying stages you've endured. Look forward to seeing your updates, take care and have fun.Carl (Rohan Guy)

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