Day 2 – Building Interiors 101

Day two and the umbrella that is less than 24 hours old has now broken in two places.  It could either be from over use or bad craftsmanship.  I think in all honesty its a combination of both.

With another grey and wet day ahead of us we plan ahead to take in some of Rio’s indoor offerings.  A trip to the Maracana stadium for a tour was first up – impressively big stadium that had a large queue outside.  Thankfully this was not for the tour but instead for tickets to the next round of the cup following the local favourites Flamengo’s successful match last night.

Oddly outside the stadium is a derelict building (that bit isn’t strange in RdJ) with a Margaret Thatcher banner on it – we could only presume it was because she upset the Argentinians!

Using Trip Advisor we selected a highly recommended bar for lunch and promptly went to the wrong one (on the same street, with almost the same name – just a few doors earlier). It was OK but not spectacular.

On the street afterwards we did see a guy on a motorbike being chased by a police car – clearly Brazil must have imported the Dukes of Hazard in the officers youth as he sat on the door frame with his torso out of the window brandishing a gun pointed at the suspect – who sensibly stopped immediately.  Not sure that is in the Met’s training programme.

Afternoon was spent visiting two of Rio’s amazing building interiors – a library straight out of Hogwarts and the amazingly ugly, seemingly inspired by Drax Power Station cooling towers, The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian.

Build in the 1960s and 70s, this concrete behemoth stands 64 metres high (or 20 storeys), can hold a 20,000 strong congregation, and from the inside is truly spectacular.  The four floor to ceiling stain glass windows are something to behold – hopefully the pictures give some insight to it.  A totally unique architectural structure.  Though sadly one that is no longer fully water proof from the drips and pools of water on the floor in places.  Yep – it is still raining.

As we left the rain did stop briefly and the cloud lifted a little and we got our first sight of Christo on the hill.  A sign from God?  We were not in agreement on that one 😉

Another walk up the hill back to the lovely but still damp (the rain came again) Santa Teresa for a relaxing early evening on the hotels covered terrace for a beer and a catchup with the blog and checking out our photos, before another walk back to the square area for dinner in Cafe Alto (a massive plate of beans, cheese and salted beef).
Flash jumping at the Lapa Arches!

Rew makes friends with some Argentinian ladies

Niki in the sunshine of the Maracana

Interior of the amazing Real gabinete português de leitura

Interior of Catedral Metropolitana de Sao Sebastiao


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