Day 7 – Border Patrol

The Iguassu river that flows to create the incredible falls forms a natural border between Brazil and Argentine.  Both countries have a national park for the falls area, and each offers a different view of the falls.

Most visitors to the area spend time on both sides, and we were no different.  So after a sporty start to the day (Niki had a morning swim and I went for a run round the falls to build up an appetite for breakfast – that offers champagne!) we headed over to Argentina.

Crossing the border was made easy by our taxi driver who helped to facilitate all the paperwork – and as you cross the bridge over the river the kerbs at the side of the road change from Brazilian gold and green to Argentinian pale blue and white.  Nice touch.  The taxi driver stops and takes out photo at this point, and in the distance you can see Paraguay.   The area is where 3 countries meet and in fact if you look at the border, it looks as though the falls area that is under the control of Argentina is a bit of an outcrop and in fact would more naturally sit with Paraguay – I bet Paraguay would like some of the tourist money that the falls bring in.

The Argentinian side of the falls is larger and the national park has more of a ‘theme park’ feel to it than the smaller, quieter Brazilian side.  You can also get even closer to the Devil’s throat area of the falls – as a 1.1km long walkway has been built out over the river to the mouth of the main falls.  This is a truly visceral experience, the sound of the water and sheer scale of what you are witnessing is something to behold and I think we be one of the enduring memories of The Big Trip (TM).

There are more paths to walk round and you can see the falls from all angles and without doubt this area gives a greater sense of the vista that is the falls area.  Taking photographs is a real challenge due to the amount of water and mist but I think you’ll agree Niki has captured some amazing images.

We return back to the hotel – capturing our 3rd and 4th passport stamps of the day – and get changed before enjoying an al a carte meal on the terrace of the restaurant overlooking sunset over the falls drinking another Caipriniha or three.  As darkness fell a bright light can be seen in the sky as the planet Mercury was clearly viable to the naked eye.

Earlier during our stay we had taken the opportunity to do some hand washing and had hung it up in the room to dry (we had reviewed the laundry charges but felt they were a bit too steep).  The hotel pixies visit twice a day at this place (NEVER seen that before) and the ladies had obviously taken pity on us and taken our clothes.  When we returned from dinner they were back, all washed and pressed, wrapped in a basket topped with a fresh orchid!  They didn’t charge us.  We suspect that not many people stay at this hotel and then wash their socks in the sink!

The might of Devil’s Throat as it begins to appear

Tricky to get a picture of Devil’s Throat as there’s a lot of rain!

Looking downstream

The view from the top – just before the drop!

There were mariposa’s everywhere

The Argentinian view of the falls

Argentina to the left, Brasil to the right & Paraguay behind us!


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