Day 8 – Extremes of comfort

Today we leave Brazil for the second day running, but this time for good (at least on this trip).  Leaving Brazil also means leaving the amazing Hotel Las Cataratas, and that made us both a bit sad 😦

We make the most of it whilst we can and have another pre-breakfast dip in the pool before enjoying our first meal of the day on the pool terrace.  Heaven.  This place even does a decent cup of tea (something that I will miss on our travels – as I type this I realise I am beginning to sound like my Dad!).

On check out the hotel staff ask  where we are heading next?  Buenos Aires we reply.  They then ask if they can arrange a taxi for us – which we accept.  “Aeroport?” they ask. “No” we reply, “Bus Station”.  There was a momentary look of shock on the face of the reception staff before they regained their immaculate composure and confirmed what we already know that the bus station is in Argentina and that the taxi driver would be able to help with the border crossing again.

We then discuss that the journey to BA is approximately 1500km and takes about 18 hours and they smile and agree it will be an “adventure”.  We ask how many of their guests leave the hotel and catch a bus….after a brief conversation between a couple of the staff, they answer “None before you”! It makes us laugh.

With that we end our all too brief period of luxury and head off to the Argentinian bus station to board our bus to Buenos Aires.  After a minor issue with the tickets (I had only printed mine out not Niki’s) that was resolved with the kind help of a fellow passenger we board our chariot for the next 18 hours.

We paid for the “luxury” cama option with Business Class fold flat beds (well almost flat).  There is plenty of room and we hang our still slightly damp swimmers from the curtain rail and head off into Argentina towards the capital city.

The journey doesn’t drag at all.  We read books, write the blog, review the photos, do some travel planning and they show a few films.  First was a ‘Rom Com’ starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston that Nik watches though I am sure she has seen it a few times (I sat that one out and read / blogged a bit) and the second was Furious 6, the latest and surely the worst in the ever growing Fast and Furious franchise (I sadly this watch this to the bitter end where a car chase takes place on a runway for about 20 minutes – I think the runway must be at least 100 miles long).

We are not sure whether we get fed or not but had not brought any food on board.  At a stop to pick up more passengers Nik makes a dash for a shop near the coach and buys a large bag of crisps.  They look like giant Wotsits but when opened they smelt like an entire football team’s worth of sweaty socks!  Not great on an enclosed bus with other passengers and 14 hours to go!

Thankfully for us and the other passengers an ‘in flight’ meal is delivered – not quite the same as the meal last night but still it was tasty enough and filled a hole.  Lights of and a surprisingly comfortable nights sleep.

The View!


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