Day 23 – Ask you Mum, she puts everything away.

I know I have mentioned the quality of tea already in this blog, and that I was beginning to sound like my Dad.  Well this morning we plumbed new depths as I was served something almost, but not quite, totally unlike a cup of tea*.

Arriving at the bus station for our journey to Mendoza we have time to grab a cup of tea before the bus arrives.

Té con leche it stated on the board above the counter.  Literally ‘tea with milk’.  Sadly what was served was tea made WITH milk.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a cup of hot frothy milk (like a cappuccino) and a tea bag.  I place the tea bag in and wait, periodically using a spoon to try and squeeze some life out of it.  After 3 minutes the poor tea bag had only managed to barely change the colour of the liquid but certainly not impart any flavour.  At all.

I think in the same circumstances my Dad would have declared war on Chile.  I am more restrained and instead petition the UN for some strong sanctions whilst immediately leaving the country in disgust.

Not every day on The Big Trip (TM) will be amazing.  Today is one of those days on reflection, though it still manages to amuse and provide interest.  The highlight was the amazing scenery on the journey over the Andes (Which are where? Is a classic lollipop stick joke from my childhood) – we saw some staggering views and the road itself, particularly on the Chilean side is a spectacular collection of hairpin bends with no crash barriers to be seen.

However the scheduled 8 hour journey lasts 9 due to a combination of the largest contraflow we have ever seen (30 minutes drive) and the total inefficiency of the Chile/Argentine border crossing that takes nearly 2 hours and includes the use of a Ford Transit as a mobile baggage scanning system.  Irritatingly for Niki the film that she was watching in German with Spanish subtitles (Django Unchained) didn’t quite finish before we reached Mendoza bus station so if anyone knows how it ends please post a comment.

Today our method of travel was supplemented with a choice of hostel (definitely on the backpacker student end of the spectrum that won’t be getting a favourable review) and evening meal (using the one dollar filter on Trip Advisor should be done with caution) which did a great job of keeping the momentum of the cup of tea going.  But still we travelled across the Andes….if that is a bad day, I think we will both cope.

* Another credit for Douglas Adams



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