Day 36 – Talking about a revolution

Amazing breakfast selection including proper fresh fruit juice and an array of cakes (?).  We find out that foreign presidents stay in this place, and whilst less than £40 a night B&B it is relatively expensive by Bolivian standards.  However we are here for 4 nights and fancied somewhere relaxing.

The weather threatens but doesn’t rain and we watch a rather passionate protest in the May 25 Plaza – which though photography of the banners and a bit of phrase book use at lunch time we work out is by refuse workers demanding a budget transfer of to give them monies they believe they are owed.  As well as striking and not collecting the rubbish, they are now also trying to block the road on the plaza which appears to require a high number of riot police to sort out.  Fascinating to watch from the side lines.

Sucre has a wonderful market.  Crazy, brilliant, full of vibrant people and wares – we even buy a jelly, a smoothie and something we are not sure exactly what it is! The best description I can come up with is a cross between bread and a donut (Starbucks should probably copyright the “Brenut” as it was tasty).

We also find some Christmas cards – which I am guessing with the speed of the Bolivian postal service might just beat us home in May!  We write over lunch, and they must be rare (we have been looking for some for a few weeks) as the waitress wants to buy them off us!

A walk round Simon Bolivar park finds a small Eiffel Tower type structure (made by the same man apparently) and a very cool dinosaur children’s play area.  We are not sure why the Eiffel Tower copy is there, we can only think it has something to do with the fact that Bolivar (the man who gave Bolivia it’s independence) visited France to study their revolution before forming his now views and returning to South America to take on the Spanish

Late afternoon we visit ‘Case de Libertad’, a museum that celebrates the independence of Boliva and we get to test a new tablet based English guide (very good indeed). Interesting and contains a MASSIVE wooden head of the famous liberator, the actual paper containing the signatures of Bolivia’s independence and a portrait painting of every leader the country has had (a lot!).

We book ourselves in some Spanish lessons for tomorrow and head back to relax and get ready for evening meal which is a wonderful little French restaurant off the main square.


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