Day 39 – Leavin’ on a jet plane

When have been planning this trip mostly on the hoof, with an occasional half day blitz on the internet when we have had accommodation with decent WiFi (which to be fair has been almost all of them).

Consequently our plans were not perhaps as well structured as they could have been.  In all honesty in think we have liked the flexibility and spontaneity that this has allowed for the most part (not having anywhere to stay in a days time can be a little stressful).

However with more initial planning and thought we might have avoided a day like today:

10:15 flight from Sucre to La Paz

16:45 flight from La Paz to Lima

21:30 flight from Lima to Quito

We had planned to store our luggage at La Paz and have half a day in the capital, but the 10:15 flight changed to 10:50 the day before and then ended up being an hour and fifteen minutes late.  So instead we just chilled out on a sofa in Subway (the only chain we saw in our 9 days in Bolivia) until we could check in for flight number two.

Second flight was a little bumpy for 20 minutes or so, so much so the inflight food and drink service was temporarily suspended! Not that enjoyable an experience if we are honest.

Because we had used the last leg of our RTW ticket to cover some of the cost we don’t have connecting flights either.  Therefore each time we have to collect our bags and re-check in.  In Peru we have to go through customs and passport control,  collect our bags, leave the airport though one door and walk (briefly) along a Peruvian road and back in the airport though a separate door, check in and go though passport control again.

Once inside the main airport we meet a lovely couple of Ecuadorian ladies in the queue who have lots of large luggage (4 large suitcases and 32kg each) and are wearing lots of jewellery.  We (Niki) discovers they have been on a shopping trip to Lima because it’s cheap and they wear the jewellery to avoid customs!

Peru airport is modern, western and full of brands such as McDonalds and Stabucks and is about as far from Bolivia as you can imagine.  It feels like a huge culture shock.

The next flight is fine and I manage a bit of sleep.  The taxi to the hotel takes around an hour and we are both glad of bed.

Not the most enthralling day of the trip. Most exciting part of the day was that for the first time ever one of our bags was first on the carousel.


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