Day 46 – Haircut 100

Breakfast is a leisurely affair, not just because we enjoy a lie in, but because we take our host by surprise.  However Migel does a grand job with some fresh made fruit juice and scrambled eggs and (thankfully) fails to live up to his Fawlty Towers namesake.

More laundry (and like that fact that we pay by the kilogram) and then off for Nik’s hair cut. Strangely “we” are not as laissez-faire with her hair as mine and we bypass the local establishments that you might just stroll by, and instead head for the “mall” and a recommendation given by Ladan.

The mall has far less recognisable brands than the UK, though there are some, but it’s very nice in a typical shopping centre kind of way and its even decked out with some subtle Christmas decorations.  However it is sooooooo quiet given it’s the last Saturday before Christmas, more reminiscent of a tuesday afternoon in February – I can only imagine the hell that would be Meadowhall, Trafford Centre and the like in the same circumstances.  Further evidence of the quietness is that the fact the wait for a ladies hair cut is only 10 minutes.

So whilst Nik gets her haircut I am delighted to find a tea room with Wifi and a decent cup of tea (though the request for leche frio still caused a stir).  A learn a valuable lesson today, that is women’s haircuts take F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!!!!! Over 4 hours of waiting in a Ecuadorian mall tests one’s patience but Nik looks amazing (managed to get nails done at same time) and it does mean that I get to have a wander round and hear the first Christmas music of the year (though sadly no Slade or Wizzard) and see some comedy Christmas dancing.

After the marathon hair cutting we are both hungry and grab something to eat in the food court but manage something decent and not an international fast food chain (though there are many).

We collect the washing (nothing missing this time – but instead an extra item) and head back to the B&B for a bit.  Sadly I have been suffering a from ‘travel belly’ for a number of days and feel a little wiped out so we spend the evening in and watch a bit of TV on the computer.


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