Day 69 – Foxy Lady

We have to leave our lovely little B&B set a couple of blocks of the main square and check in to the “hotel” that is provided as part of our Inca Trail tour.  Let’s just say we are glad we didn’t choose to stay there for our entire Cusco visit!

A guidebook walking tour takes round some parts of the city we have not seen, including another wonderfully crazy market (though no frog juice), and we then decide to get some Inca Trail training in and head up to the most impressive of the Inca sites on the outskirts of the city, called Sacsaywaman (pronounced as “sexy woman” by tourists!).

It’s a warm day and the 40 minute walk from the plaza (all up hills and stairs) is hard work but worth it.  At the top of the hill overlooking the city is the remains of an Inca fortress comprising of terraces and stone walls made of unfathomably large stones (300 tonnes and as large as my arm span).  We get a strange sense of familiarity in the area because the grass in and around has a decidedly English look and feel to it (honestly you miss English grass after a while).

The evening consists of our Inca Trail tour briefing, which is necessarily long (and a bit scary), and finishes with the comedic site of ourselves and our new tour friends sat on the floor of the hotel reception with bags and clothes scattered round the set of scales provided desperately trying to marry the suggested packing list and stringent weight limit of 2.5kg per person (excluding sleeping bag and mattress).

I think group weighing of clothes in public could be the latest thing in “team building 🙂


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