Leave me alone

Our time in Cusco has been wonderful and we have loved the city and it’s people. That said, there is one thing that this place highlighted that we have experienced all over S.America.

That is, the bombardment at times of the tourist by people in the street trying to sell you things. Below is a list of things we had to say a repeated “no gracias” to in a morning in Cusco:

A photo with a lamb
A photo with a llama
A photo with an alpaca
A massage
A llama jumper (though Niki later succumbed in the market)
A painting
A poncho
A trip to Machu Picchu
A sightseeing bus tour
A pair of earrings
A fluffy llama rug
A packet of cigarettes
A pair of nail clippers
A woody woodpecker whistle
A llama key ring

And finally I am not going to eat in a restaurant because you shout at me as I walk past.

I think that perhaps it’s the mentality of the English, but the more you push or hassle us, the less likely we are to buy anything. Perhaps I should wear a sign that says “I am English: leave me alone and I am more likely to buy something”.


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