Day 77 – Park Life

A visit to the post office to send our parcel home sees a remarkable number of forms to be filled in and bizarrely Niki has to put a finger print on each of them!

We re-visit Miraflores in a failed attempt to book some exit row seats for the long flight to Sydney and wander round in the sun looking round the shops before eventually ending up at the sea front.

Here we find you can hire bicycles – and having not ridden since Mendoza we hire a couple of single speeds and head off down the sea front like a pair of hipsters.

Up until this point, I’d thought Miraflores was OK, but nothing out of the ordinary. The cycle path along the front however takes you through what is a wonderful long thin park that stretches for at least 4km and I can see why it is a popular area to live.

Within the parks are all sorts of paths, benches and flower beds that you would normally expect, but on top of this is a great collection of outdoor sports areas.

There are tennis courts, a skate park (complete with a “swimming pool”), a BMX track, 5-a-side pitches, basketball courts and a number of outdoor gym equipment areas.  It’s clearly where the locals head to when the sun is out, and with the city reportedly only receiving 20mm of rain per year, that is plenty of time.

And if you ever get bored of the parks and shops, you just head down to the beach.


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