Day 78 – Half a world away

Our time in South America has come to an end.  What felt like forever at the start of the trip has passed by creating a lifetime of memories across 6 amazing countries.

A continent of outstanding scenery and natural beauty.  Filled with historic cultures and empires, and a complex mixture of traditional and increasingly modern ways of life.  The people have been almost without exception friendly, funny and helpful (no doubt helped by Niki’s  ability to converse with them).

We will miss your crazy car alarms that sound a bit like the plastic thing I had attached to my Raleigh Striker bicycle when I was 8; we will miss you scant regard for transport timetables; we will miss your obsession with cheese and ham; we will miss the almost total lack of regard to health and safety; we will miss your street dogs; we will miss the new friendships that you have presented; and we will miss discovering a new part of you everyday when we wake up.

But it’s time to move on and today we have a crappy day.  We knew this would be the case before it even started as our plans involved 4 countries, three flights totaling nearly 19 hours of flight time,  2 layovers of 8 hours, and enough timezones to ensure total body clock confusion.

However it gets a worse when we spend nearly 2 hours at Lima airport check-in desk yet still only manage to check in to our first flight due to an issue with Niki’s visa (her and Australia have a history of problems on this score).

To add to the hassles I then lose our document wallet somewhere in the airport (thankfully NOT with out passports in it), meaning a few frantic phone calls and emails needing to be sent to cancel some credit/debit cards, driving licenses etc. during the first layover in Chile.

We sort it all out and there is nothing lost that is anything other than mildly irritating, and we head of over the Pacific to new continents full of new experiences


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