Day 86 – Skyscraper

We were (as usual) under prepared for our time in Kuala Lumpar, and in fact Malaysia over all (in total we will be in here for 2 weeks), so what do you do in KL?

The biggest attraction, literally, is the famous Petronas Towers.  For a while the tallest buildings in the world, and still the tallest twin tower structure, these steel towers stand at an impressive 452m high dominating the skyline.

Visitor numbers are limited, but booking online is straight-forward and we have slots for the early morning 9am tour and we even get a free lift from our hotel.  The tour doesn’t amount to much more than a couple of lift rides, one to the Skybridge that links the towers on the 41st and 42nd floors, and then a second that takes you the observation deck on the 86th floor, but the building and views are impressive.  Normally at the top of this type of attraction (the highest building in a city is a common tourist attraction round the world) you are used to looking down on everything else, but the town tower design means that you can see an exact copy of the building you are stood in out of the window.

Up close the design of the towers is beautiful, having an almost art deco style to the mass of steel that they are constructed with (more steel was used to build them than any other building in the world).

The base of the towers is filled with a very expensive shopping centre packed full of shops selling genuine designer products at genuine designer prices.  In fact the biggest attraction in KL is the shopping from what we can tell.  Locals and tourists alike come here to shop, shop and shop.

KL is home to an extraordinary number of shopping malls.  Glistening structures of glass and metal, stretching up into the clear blue skies, covered with large screens perpetually running technicoloured advertisements for everything you could possible need (and some that you don’t).

We head for one called the Low Yat Plaza, the largest IT shopping collection I have ever seen.  6 floors of shops that are totally dedicated to selling electronics.  Cameras, mobile phones, tablets, laptops are everywhere – and the place is filled with consumers trying to get a bargain.  With our time in Asia likely to include more beach locations than S.America we grab ourselves an underwater camera (and later play around with it in the hotel pool) and then make a dangerous discovery…..Malaysia is the cheapest place in the world to buy Apple products.

My experience was that generally Apple products are a fixed price, that is no amount of shopping around online gets them any cheaper in the UK.  Also generally when I have looked abroad they are not any cheaper, but that is not the case here, where there is between 25-33% saving over UK prices.  I can definitely get an iPad Mini in our luggage but the 27” iMac is proving a little more problematic…


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