Day 87 – Despair in the departure lounge

Another day of traveling involving 3 flights in a day (hurrah!) – we really need to start planning our trip a bit more I think.

Our plans require an early departure from our hotel that ordinarily would mean missing breakfast, but in an amazing piece of customer service they provide a high quality ‘packed lunch’ which is consumed in the taxi to the airport (omlette, fresh orange and a selection of pastries!).

Destination today is Borneo (the 3rd largest island in the world), and some rather dull facts of the day include that our second flight is probably the shortest flight either of us has ever taken, with about 15 minutes of total time in the air, and that Malaysia Airlines have the nicest dressed stewardesses of our trip so far.

The flights today are a mixture of ones we booked as part of the RTW ticket and one that we added ourselves recently.  A consequence of this is a 6 hour stay in Kota Kinabalu airport.  It is fair to say it is not the most glamorous of airports (far from it), and we spend a rather uninspired 6 hours at a table in KFC eking out two drinks of Pepsi and failing to get any real use out the intermittent and slow WiFi connection they provide.


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