Day 94 – Welcome to the north

After 3 hard days cycling we planned a more relaxing stop at The Tip of Borneo, the most northerly point of what is known as the “land beneath the winds”.

Power was installed in the area less than 3 years ago and it means that the whole tourist business is still in its infancy.

Transport links are not great, and if you don’t cycle here, then you either have to hire your own vehicle, pay for a private transfer or utilise a combination of local taxis and mini-buses.

Accommodation options are limited and mostly basic, though we have opted for the more luxurious one (we have A/C and satellite WiFi).

The result of this means that area is one of the most untouched, deserted and beautiful locations either if us has ever been to.  Clear blue sea, lush jungle and soft sandy beaches  abound, and it’s almost impossible to not have a beach to yourself as the tourist population to beach ratio feels like its 1:1!

Despite this amazingly relaxing location we managed to have some ‘Type 2’ fun whilst we are here.

We were introduced to the concept of ‘Type 2’ fun by Joe and Kristina down in Punta Arenas.  Basically ‘Type 1’ fun, is fun as you are doing the activity, ‘Type 2’ fun is the kind of activity that is fun after it’s finished and you are sat down, relaxing with a cold drink or cup of tea.

Today’s ‘Type 2’ fun was a case of man versus ocean and it was definitely 1-0…to the ocean!

We had decided to go sea kayaking in an attempt to banish the memory of some previous ‘Type 2’ fun we experienced sea kayaking in Australia.  Sadly we were foiled at the first hurdle when we were informed the kayak was broken.

Undeterred from enjoying the marine environment we hired some snorkling gear instead.

So far so good. Azure South China Sea; check, sunshine & white sandy beaches; check. What could possibly make life even vaguely difficult?

Not satisfied with the aforementioned azure sea and sandy beach on our doorstep we headed to an even more secluded bay to enjoy protected snorkling…or so we thought!  The short version is an extra hour of walking over slippery boulders to reach another empty beach that had the added “benefit” of having rocks between us and the snorkelling.

Still determined after our epic walk we spent another 45 mins picking our way through a field of rocks in fins to only find….more rocks.

Let’s cut to the end; no snorkelling (too shallow), heroic flip-flop rescue, crazy rock scrambling (too much tide), jelly fish stings (too keen to use the snorkels anywhere). The activity may have finished with a snorkel being thrown into the sea in a moment of petulance (me).

However a wonderful lunch of fresh food and ice cold fruit smoothies, an afternoon relaxing and finally watching a staggeringly beautiful sunset on a deserted beach allowed us to appreciate the mornings “fun”.


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