Day 95 – History repeating

New day, same stunningly beautiful, remote and quiet location.

Surely yesterday’s man vs ocean was a blip on an otherwise perfect paradise break at the Tip of Borneo?

No such luck as for the second day running we find ourselves having more ‘Type 2’ fun.

Keen not to repeat the previous days water-based challenges, we spoke to a couple that had managed later to successfully hire a canoe and learnt that actually they had as much fun with the boat as we had with the snorkels (large waves and strong currents making it a good iron man training session by all accounts).

Armed with this information we decide that we would revert back to our trusty friend – the bicycle.

For a reasonable charge you can hire bikes and head off on the quiet roads and tracks and explore some more beaches and the local villages. With a photograph of the basic map on the wall and some cold drinks we head out.

Our initial pleasure at the sight of some clouds that provided some protection from the sun soon evaporated as they sent the humidity through the roof!  Yet again cycling in the weather conditions was a challenge.

Only 5 minutes into the ride we meet a group of cyclists coming the other way – one of which was Christian our guide from the tour! He had cycled 180km overnight – leaving Kota Kinabalu at 9:30pm the previous night and arriving 15 hours later.  He deserves respect, and possibly a psychiatric evaluation!

Inspired we continued on our trail.  One of the things that became apparent about our Bike Borneo tour was the quality of the bikes.  Within 10 minutes one of our bikes suffered some mechanical difficulties and became a very heavy single speed – and not a particular helpful speed for the size of some of the hills we encountered.

Despite the searing pain in my legs and sweat that was literally pouring off my skin, we did manage to enjoy some of the ride – particularly an isolated island temporarily attached to the mainland by a sand bar – but in the end made the decision that we had had enough “fun” for one day and headed back to the bar/rental location.

Once again good food, drink, views and conversation with other travellers allowed you to appreciate the “Type 2” experience.

We finish the day with a dip in the sea as the sun was setting, which almost achieved “Type 1” status until it was rescued at the last minute by a number of jelly fish stings.


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