Day 96 – Joe le Taxi

There are not a lot of places at the Tip of Borneo, and after our brief time there we think that whilst our accommodation is probably the best on offer (Tommy’s), the best food is available about 10 minutes down the road at Tampat Do Aman’s.

Owned by a British/Malaysian couple it provides fresh food prepared to order and has a wonderful environmental and social ethos about the place that you cannot help but like (for example a free beer for every bag of rubbish collected off the beach).

Eating breakfast by the sea has been one of the many things we have loved about this place and would recommend anyone in Borneo to give serious consideration to fitting a trip to the tip into their itinerary.  We just hope that the proposed 5 Star resort development doesn’t spoil the experience if it goes ahead.

Following a bit of an issue with our proposed transfer to Kota Kinabalu (in just over 12 hours it was delayed by 4 hours and increased in price by 50%) we decide that as today is nothing more than a traveling day we will ditch the transfer and do the more faffy but considerably cheaper minibus taxi option via Kudat.

In what I think was a standard 7 seater Toyota we eventually get 8 people plus luggage in. This was after driving round Kudat a few times, picking passengers up, changing drivers and ending up back where we started (where we then paid).  Finally we set off towards KK as the monsoon rains started and watched in awe (and with some fear) the overtaking manoeuvres of the local drivers.

I don’t think that KK is the greatest of towns in Borneo, and arriving in grey drizzly rush hour does nothing to change your opinion. That said the Chinese Dragon acrobatic display perched on top of 1.5m high steel posts that greeted us at our hotel complex added a bit of colour.


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