Day 97 – Bring my family back

Our journey from the Tip of Borneo back to Kuala Lumpar continues today with yet another flight from KK to KL.  Airports are pretty much standard across the world with the usual collection of Duty Free, clothes, sunglasses, and electronics shops designed to remove you of your cash as you suddenly feel the urge to buy that ‘one thing’ that you have forgotten but you absolutely must have for your trip.

Which makes the presence of a frozen fish shop at KK airport a little remarkable (and presumably not much use if you are going long haul).  Another noticeable fact of our journey is that due to Malaysia being a Muslim country the ‘In Flight’ information screen includes a compass showing the location of Mecca.

Leaving Sabah highlights that it is, like Arequipa in Peru, a fiercely independent place whose people would consider themselves from Sabah more than Malaysia.  So much so that you have to go through passport control and get your passport stamps even if you are a Malaysian citizen, but we like passport stamps (something that the EU has taken away from most of our journeys) so this makes us happy.

Arriving at KL airport we grab some of the smallest and slowest fast food option ever at Hot n Roll (we had previously bailed from one of their queues due to the lack of pace in a mall the previous week – clearly we never learn). Not the greatest food ever but hunger took precedence after we skipped breakfast at the airport assuming we’d get it on the plane but then neither of us could face spicy chicken noodles as the first meal of the day.

On our drive to the hotel it is highlights a fact that we have noticed in our time in Malaysia, that there is a high proportion of Malaysian made cars. When you consider that in this sector a Proton is the ‘quality’ it seems inexplicable until you realise that the government has introduced a “protectionist” 200% import tax on foreign cars.  Makes you grateful for the EU.

At the hotel that we stayed at previously in KL we arrive in our room to find a large heart made of rose petals, which was lovely (although a little messy when getting into bed), and Niki’s parents waiting for us.  They have come out to join us for about a week and have treated us to the hotel room for our Christmas gift and mentioned it was out honeymoon.

Back in major civilisation allows us to do some chores again so we pop out and manage to do some shopping at the Apple bargain capital of the world…iPad mini retina?  That’ll do nicely.  We also pick up a Jawbone Up (similar to a FitBit or Nike Fuel band) and will be interested to see how much walking you do whilst traveling.

Finally I manage to get the worst haircut of the trip.  I foolishly ditched the tried and tested ‘photo’ formula from S.America and returned to the use of English language due to the fact that people in Asia speak it so well and came our looking a little like G.I.Joe.


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