Day 102 – Place your hands

With John and Mary joining us on this section of the trip, we upped the quality of accommodation  above that that which would normally book.  Its not that we have been slumming in shared dorms of backpackers for the last 3 months, but we have been generally booking what we have seen referred to as ‘flash-packer’ places.  I think this is to back-packing, what ‘glamping’ is to camping.

The benefits of the slightly nicer accommodation are obvious as we have a private villa with sea view balcony, a wide ranging breakfast buffet (including a wonderful ‘one button’ pancake making machine), a swimming pool and, finally, a spa on site.

Having built some relaxation time into our time in Phuket, we spend the day taking advantage of the facilities.  And this included me booking a 90 minute Thai massage.

Having only ever had a couple of massages before, of the gentle variety, this was a very definite experience.  The diminutive massage lady set to work with her hands…..and thumbs, and elbows, and feet, and shins, and ever other sharp and boney thing she could find I think.  After the pummelling you then get the feeling that she really missed out on getting that Mr.Stretch toy she wanted for Christmas as a child, as my arms and legs are twisted and pulled in directions I didn’t think they were capable of going.

At the end you do feel surprisingly relaxed and I would definitely have another one if I get chance whilst in Thailand.  Just maybe in a few days.  After the pain has subsided.


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