Day 105 – Sit Down

So far Asia has not fared well in terms of provision of good Wifi.  Accommodation (our Bangkok one included) has provided mostly wireless dial-up speeds and a lot of cafés and bars don’t provide free Wifi, instead asking for a fee.  A far cry from S.Amerca where it was free and everywhere (including parks, beaches and town squares).

After losing track over the number of flights we have taken so far, one thing we want to do in Asia is to minimise them going forward and make use of the network they have that does trump South America. The rail network.

For anyone planning any big rail journey in the world I would recommend checking out ‘The man in Seat 61″ ( A wonderful website full on advice and information on train travel across the globe, and armed with knowledge obtained we  managed to secure overnight sleeper train tickets to Chang Mai later in the week.

Bangkok is home to a number of beautiful Buddhist temples, something we got a feel for the style of in Phuket, but it has a couple of particularly famous ones.  The first of which we see today, Wat Po, home to the famous “Reclining Buddha”.

Buddha is classically posed sat down, cross-legged, like a child on the hall floor during assembly.  This classical pose is not in short supply in Wot Po either, with 99 of them lining the walls of the courtyards, mostly golden, and looking the epitome of relaxed (and a little bit like a nightclub dance floor in the 90s when James came on).

When you see the reclining Buddha you cannot help be be impressed.  Unusually posed lying on his side, he looks crammed into what is a pretty large building, that due to the pillars inside almost looks like he is encased within a cage.  As you walk down the side which his back faces you are encouraged to donate 20 Bhat (30 pence) to be exchanged for small coins which you then drop into a series of pots along the wall.  The constant chiming of coin against porcelain creates a musical soundtrack to a mesmerising temple.


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