Day 107 – 21st Century Digital Boy

As well as the night markets, Buddist temples, and crazy backpacker filled streets of the Ko San road area (where you are offered a made to measure suit every 10 feet), Bangkok is also home to some good shopping.

With a few hours before we need to leave we head down to Siam Square shopping district and I stumble into simply the best shopping mall in the world…..ever!!

A staggering collection of the worlds most desirable and expensive brands, all in one place. Normally these types of places are focused on designer clothing brands, which being a man is unlikely to provide entertainment for long.  This place however, appeals to both sexual stereotypes equally.

There is an entire floor dedicated to watch shops.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a bit of a horology fan so spending an hour or so looking at expensive watches (Patek Phillipe have their own shop!) is great fun.

Heading upstairs you then find a floor of expensive car dealerships (Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Masteratti etc) interspersed with high end electronics shops (Bang and Olufsen; Linn; Lowe) in what can only described as “Boy Toy” heaven.  Sadly our traveling funds don’t stretch to a Rolls Royce coupe or a 60″ Ultra High Definition TV so we depart empty handed to the train station ready to leave Bangkok behind.


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