Day 111 – Aeroplane

After a wonderful couple of weeks in Thailand it is time to move on (though we could happily have stayed longer) and we are heading into Laos.  We spend the morning enjoying the last amazing breakfast in our accommodation and using the good WiFi connection to submit our Tour Maker interviews before its time for another taxi ride and another airport.  We would heartily recommend Chang Mai House for Dreamer as a place to stay if you ever make it to this part of the world.

We are a little surprised that our plane is a relatively small propeller plane with a 2 and 2 layout but the flight is fine, though like every flight since the first one out of Heathrow it failed to leave at the scheduled time (though unusually it left early rather than late).

On arrival in Laos we need to get our visa which involves three separate queues and paying in US Dollars unless you want take the opportunity to utilise their exchange rates for other other currencies that even Dick Turpin would be ashamed off.  We meet a lovely retired couple in the queue who have the best answer ever to the question ‘Where are you from?’ – they sold all their possessions 21 years ago in the UK and bought a yacht and have been sailing around the world since.

Feeling like we are back on a Thomson all-inclusive in comparison we head out to our accommodation and grab a bit of local food.  I should have perhaps heeded the advice on the menu that stated it was a local specialty for those with adventurous tastes as I spend most of the meal extracting pieces of wood from my dinner and failing to identify most of the remaining ingredients in my Luang Prabang Buffalo Stew.


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