Day 132 – Slow Ride

With usual efficiency our 5:36 train arrived bang on time at 6:15 and provides a perfect demonstration of the fact that Vietnamese approach to life is different from that in the UK.

Queueing is not something they have anytime for.  And when you do try to demonstrate “politeness” by waiting in the train aisle for the person in front of you to find their seat and put their bags up on the rack, the masses behind have none of it and push past you and the lady in front, practically stepping on you and your bags.

Deciding that the dried squid and unidentifiable soup on offer at the train station is not what we want for breakfast (especially with the level of flies, rats and cockroaches around the food stalls) we tuck in to some Ritz crackers and insert the earphones to try to combat the assault of the Vietnamese crooners being piped into the cabin via the awful ‘Rail TV”.

The journey feels long and slow, as the train regularly stops as many sections of the track appear to be single file and we need to wait for other trains to come through which partly explains the late start and even later arrival as we manage to add another hour on to the original arrival time.

After experiencing a calm orderly dis-embarkment on to the ground level ‘platform’ (aka another set of tracks) and walk to the taxi rank at Danang station (yeah right) we eventually arrive at our destination for the next few days, Hoi An.

The hustle and bustle of the journey is instantly forgotten as we arrive at our lovely Riverside Homestay accommodation with views out over the river and paddy fields beyond.  First impressions are that Hoi An will make a great place to spend a few days.


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