Day 151 – When the lights go out

Whilst the statistics have told us that Shanghai is the biggest city in the world, it hasn’t actually felt like it that much in terms of the number of people we have seen.

That changed today.

A combination of a weekend and a public holiday meant that the streets are rammed with people in the way that can annoy you.  Think Meadowhall on the last Saturday before Christmas and you are somewhere close, but with the added ‘benefit’ that the Chinese people have a different tolerance to personal space and willingness to walk into you without feeling the need to apologise.

By the end of a morning walking round the wonderful maze of alleyways of the Tiangzang area (a delightful collection of shops and cafés) I had spend a good period of my time staring in that English way and muttering under my breath.

The rest of the day was spent sat on another Chinese train travelling across the country.  The hard sleeper layout is a much more communal affair with 6 bunks per ‘room’, and by room it means alcove off the corridor.  A great way to get to know our G group (and a number of other people) better as we discuss the politics of China and play one of the most complicated game of Uno ever.

UNO was concluded by the light of mobile phones and torches when the 10pm light curfew arrived 20 minutes early and the subsequent getting ready for bed was made more challenging than it would have already been.


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