Day 169 – Don’t let the sun go down

As we have said before the only down side of travelling is travelling.  Today is a case in point as we leave our hostel at about 7:00am (missing out on a fairly decent breakfast) and get to our hotel in Osaka at about 3:00pm even though it was only an hour and forty minute flight.

There are reasons for this linked to using public transport at either end, stopping to sort out our Japan Rail passes and grabbing some lunch on the way, but it illustrates that a day getting from one location to another can be a bit tiresome.

However the worst day travelling is better than the best day in the office and the day is not a complete loss and a quick shower later and we step out in the Land of the Rising Sun with a short amount of beautiful spring daylight remaining.

Niki and her moderate vertigo are always delighted when the Lonely Planet lists a tall building as one of cities highlights, but as always she is willing to put up with it for me so we head off to the Umeda Sky Building.  Glimpsing the glass escalators that link between the top of the two towers and reading that the viewing platform is a 360 degree outside terrace my wife practically jumped for joy.

Our timing is perfect and we get to see the sun set over the city with a number of other tourists and have a cheesy photograph taken on the love seat – a bit of a local tradition for couples.  On top of the tower we bump into Malcolm, an Irishman we met on the plane, and head out for dinner and few drinks together in the neon craziness that is nighttime Japan.


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