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Jump Around

At the end of our South American travels I posted a set of “Flashjumps”.

Recapping briefly, a very good friend suggested doing them around the world after seeing one on Facebook celebrating the end of work for a while.

The idea seemed like a good one, and it has continued across Asia.  So here are some of our favourites.

Pointless but fun.



One of the first blog posts was me doing a “Flash Jump” after finishing work.

A “Flash jump” was something I had recently seen in a film called Ted starring Mark Walberg and a stuffed talking teddy bear, and done in homage to Flash Gordon as an act of celebration.

One of my friends saw it and suggested that I should do more “Flash jumps” around the world.  So I did.

Here is the S. American flash jump collection (inspired by Mark Walberg and Phil Franks; artistic direction by Niki Roach):